Principal News

Dear parents, carers and friends of Bass Coast Specialist School,

We have finally reached the end of term and in some ways, it feels like it has been a long time coming.

I would like to thank you for all of your support and well wishes during this term. It has been wonderful to see the students coming back to school. We should all be very proud of the resilience the children have demonstrated during this time, at home and at school.

Term 4 will start on Monday October 5.
It will be a normal school day and we would love to see as many children as possible return for the last term of 2020. As far as the pandemic is concerned, we will be continuing with all the precautions we have had in place up to this stage, including hand sanitising, temperature checks, extra cleaning and the use of PPE gear and face masks where appropriate.

One of the great benefits of these precautions, alongside your cooperation, is the decline of absences due to colds and influenza, in staff and students, when compared to term 3 last year. As a school we will be discussing what worked and how we can continue to use some of these hygiene practices during next year’s cold and flu season.

On a personal note, I would like to let you know that I will be taking leave for the first three weeks of next term. During my absence, Caroline Sibly will be the principal of our school. Caroline and I are looking forward to next term and we hope to see as many of the children as possible back at school.

So let’s see out Term 3 2020 with a bang and all come to school on Friday dressed up as Super Heroes. Because that’s what we are.

Take care and see you next term,


Goodbye Amy M

This week have sadly said goodbye to our Speech Pathologist Amy M.

Amy has worked at BCSS for 4 years and been a valued member of the Allied Health team.

We will miss her and her wonderful work with our students.

All the best Amy as you head to your new job in Swan Hill!

End of term BBQ for students

What started as a Seniors BBQ, ended as a joyful event on Wednesday for all students at our school.

Amongst the school vegetable garden, students were playing back yard cricket and eating icy poles, while visiting staff dogs played in the sunshine.

Many students took this opportunity to share smiles with other students from junior, middle and senior classes.

Seniors cooked the BBQ lunch to celebrate the end of Term 3, and were wonderful hosts.

Well done to everyone involved.

Click on the link for lots more photos:

A message from Bass Coast Shire Council

Regional Victoria, including Bass Coast, has moved into Step 3 towards a COVID normal.

The best place to go for answers is:

Click on the link for more information on changes to facilities and services in the Bass Coast:

Thanks to our community for doing the right thing and keeping everyone safe. Keep up the good work by continuing to wear your mask in public and maintain physical distancing.

Superhero Dress Up Day

THIS Friday, September 18 is our SUPERHERO DRESS UP DAY!

Come to school dressed as your favourite superhero and donate $$$ to Muscular Dystrophy Australia.

What is Muscular Dystrophy? MD causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.
In muscular dystrophies, abnormal genes (mutations) lead to muscle degeneration. Most forms begin in childhood.
Damaged muscles become progressively weaker.
Most people who have the condition eventually need a wheelchair.
Other symptoms include trouble breathing or swallowing which often results in a shortened life span.

Have some fun raising money for a great cause, and come dressed as a Superhero.

Let's see how much money we can raise!

For more information click on the link:

Outdoor Education

Students have had limited oportunity to access the outdoors due to the current restrictions.
Although we have still explored the many natural spots in the Wonthaggi region.
We have learnt skills such as map reading/drawing, navigation, weather systems and even basic first aid practices.
Thanks to those who cleaned up our bushland behind our school as we can now also practice camp cooking and fire safety within our own grounds!

Check out the link for more camp cooking photos:

Live Penguin TV every night

Phillip Island Nature Parks are live streaming the Phillip Island Little Penguins arriving every night from 6:20pm.

Simply jump onto their Facebook page (
or Youtube channel (

Remember, this is a FREE livestream so watch out for any fake links asking for you to register or pay.

More information can be found at:

Juniors visit Spoonville

The Junior team have gone for regular walks through the neighbourhood and along the nature trail behind the school in the last month.

The students have demonstrated endurance and have thoroughly enjoyed walking in the sunshine, listening to the leaves in the breeze, collecting sticks and being with their familiar peers and educators in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Each week, we have stopped to look at ‘Spoonville’, a community of creative and colourful ‘spoon people’ that live amongst nature.

School holidays with the kids

Scholastic book club

Scholastic book club Issue 6 is available to order online.

Home delivery is available for $5.99 no matter how many books you order; or you can have your delivery sent to the school for free!

Issue 6 catalogue available here:

LOOP - Family Book Club Login for order:

Bye-Bye Lachlan and Connor

We are very sad to say goodbye to Lachlan and Connor.

The whole school community, but especially room 2 and room 4 are going to miss you both.

We hope you enjoy your new school and make lots of friends.

Please come back soon xo

Click on the link for some more photos:

Virtual fun

2021 enrolments

Unfortunately due to Covid we have had to postpone the start of pre-prep program for 2020.

But we are looking forward to meeting all our new preps on Thursday, November 26 at 9.30am.

For more information check out our website:

New enrolments are very welcome across the whole school.

Please contact Bass Coast Specialist School on 03 5672 4474 or via email

Room 4

Room 4 students learning through creativity and play:

X is for draying and looking at real xrays!

Ch is for making noisy chickens!

D is for dogs to draw and pat at school!

Z is for Zoom cooking, moving and talking to our class mates!

Q is for quilt using new crayons!

W is for class walks and balancing windmills on our heads!

Please click on the link for more room 4 photos:

End of term 3

This Friday, September 18 is the last day of term 3.

School finishes at 2pm, which is 1 hour earlier than normal.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all back after the 2 week break.

Community services available in the Bass Coast area


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