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Principal news

NDIS plan review

NDIS Plan Review is a 90 minute online workshop for parents of children with disability.

Covid-19 has meant a lot of changes to the way families can access services for their children with disability. Your family may be accessing more services and doing things quite differently this year which can affect your child’s NDIS plan. If your Plan Review is coming soon it’s a good opportunity to talk to the NDIS Planner about the changes your child needs over the next 12 months.

The Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) is running a FREE, online workshop called NDIS Plan Review, starting in November.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to tailor your child’s plan to their changing needs and goals.

You’ll learn about:

>> Planning for your NDIS Plan Review during Covid-19
>> Informing the Planner how Covid-19 will change your child’s support needs
>> Types of Plan Review
>> Gathering supporting evidence
>> Extending or rolling-over NDIS Plans
>> Evidencing over and underspend

ACD facilitators have children with disability, so they understand how you’re feeling and what to expect in your Plan Review.

Be sure to register ASAP to secure your place.

Bookings are essential.


  • For queries relating to this workshop, please email ACD:
    • You can also phone ACD's office during business hours on 03 9880 7000 or 1800 654 013 (regional callers)


Room 6 visits The Ranch

In term 4 students from room 6 have been visiting "The Ranch".
The Ranch has been set up as a program for students to come for work experience, learn about OH&S on farm, animal husbandary including animal care, maths with measuring out food for the animals, social and personal skills.
The students are currently caring for 3 calves named Matilda, LouLou and Blackie; and 5 chickens.
Room 6 are really enjoying our the time at The Ranch, it really is the highlight of their day.

Click here for more great farm photos

Senior graduation

Senior graduation is booked for Thursday, December 10.

We are looking forward to a magical night to farewell our graduating senior students.

More details to come closer to the date.

myfuture webinar

Research indicates that parents are the single greatest influence on their child’s education and career decisions. High parental engagement can have a major impact on the young person’s learning.

myfuture is a free online career service that provides resources and tools to help all age groups, including students and parents explore career options and occupations of interest.

Parents and carers are invited to join an upcoming webinar that will demonstrate the free career planning tools available on the myfuture website

Webinar details

Date: Tuesday 24 November

Time: 11am – 12 noon

Location: online

Register now via the Parents Victoria website.

Outdoor Education first aid

As a part of the Outdoor Education program, senior students have been learning about basic first aid.
They have a good understanding of DRSABCD and have recently learned what to do to treat a snake bite.
They learned you must not suck out the venom, but instead stay calm and still.

Send for help

Please click here for photos

2020 enrolments

Unfortunately due to Covid we have had to postpone the start of pre-prep program for 2020.

But we are looking forward to meeting all our new preps on Thursday, November 26 at 9.30am.

For more information check out our website:

New enrolments are very welcome across the whole school.

Please contact Bass Coast Specialist School on 03 5672 4474 or via email

Live Penguin TV every night

Phillip Island Nature Parks are live streaming the Phillip Island Little Penguins arriving every night from 6:20pm.

Simply jump onto their Facebook page (
or Youtube channel (

Remember, this is a FREE livestream so watch out for any fake links asking for you to register or pay.

More information can be found at:


Our school uniforms are available to order from Totally Workwear in Wonthaggi.

The shop is located at 11 Murray Street, Wonthaggi (opposite Woolworth petrol/Aldi).

Orders take approximately 10 days to arrive.

All uniform orders must be paid for prior to the order being placed.

What is Wacky up to?

Over the past two weeks, Wacky the Wombat has been spending time in the middle year classrooms.

Wacky has loved coming to school each day and spending his nights with different students, experiencing their home routines, and eating lots of food according to some of the students.

Wacky and the students love spending time together and we have had some great photos sent back to school of students having fun with Wacky after school.

Keep an eye out for Wacky at school, he is still currently spending time experiencing the homes of some middle year students.

We can't wait to see what he gets up to over the next couple weeks!

Click here for more great photos of Wacky's adventure!

Health school lunch & snack ideas

Click on this link for the schools healthy eating policy

Some healthy school lunch ideas can include sandwiches made with wholemeal or grain bread, a bread roll or pita bread with reduced fat cheese, lean meat or salad, or a quiche.

Healthy snack ideas may include reduced fat yogurt, hard boiled eggs, dry biscuits, rice biscuits, fresh fruit and veggies, along with a drink bottle with water.

NO sugary drinks such as juice or cordial.

Avoid snack bars as these are high in sugar or salt.

No chocolate biscuits, lollies or chips

*Ideally, your child’s lunch will only contain items that will be eaten, composted or recycled as we are trying to promote a rubbish free environment (no wrappers)

Please click here for the Australian guide to healthy eating chart

Chaplaincy program recommences


My name is Vanessa and I am the new Wellbeing Officer here at BCSS, under the Chaplaincy Program.

I have a Diploma in Counselling, a background working as an integration aide and also have some special needs kids of my own. So, I personally understand a lot of the struggles people may be going through. My aim is to be a friendly face, a non-judgmental and safe person to speak to and someone the kids can have lots of fun with!

Things can be tough at any time of life, but Covid has added unusual and new challenges. It’s okay not to be okay, so please reach out if you need someone to talk to or even just someone to have a cuppa with!

I am available Tuesday & Wednesday's at school and look forward to getting to know everyone!

Meet Vanessa