Digital Technologies

We have been very lucky to have received a digital technologies bonus at Bass Coast Specialist School, which has seen our school acquire some new technology items for all students to enjoy.

We are now the proud owners and operators of not only desktop computers, laptops, iPads and tablets, but we are also learning to code and use various robots in the form of Blue-Bot, Sphero and Ozo-Bots.

The future is becoming more digital every day and coding is becoming part of our daily lives.

Beginning to access and use robots computers and laptops is setting up our students to thrive and be prepared for the future.

Everyone has enjoyed participating in digital technology sessions and it is fantastic to experience the excitement and accomplishment the students show through successfully working out the robots, iPads, computers and various functions such as typing on a keypad and figuring out how to use a computer mouse.

Bass Coast Specialist School encourage the use of digital technologies and it can be seen in action across the school daily in all subjects of the curriculum.