In the junior years at Bass Coast Specialist School, our education team strives to ensure that every child will experience a sense of belonging in our community through the establishment of a safe, caring and supported learning environment.

In the first year of school, we focus predominantly on supporting students to settle into their new learning milieu: following daily routines, building relationships with peers and educators and becoming familiar with the many aspects of being part of a school community.

For all the junior years students, the development of life skills is at the forefront of learning.

These skills include gaining confidence within a group, increasing independence and developing social skills necessary for community living.

We offer our students many rich opportunities for making discoveries about the world.

They learn new and effective ways to communicate and engage with others, and participate in a range of experiences that support their specific needs, interests and abilities.

Our programs are guided by the Victorian Curriculum and are purposefully designed to support individual learning plans.

Our educators collaborate with specialists and the school allied health team to ensure all students work towards achieving their highest potential.

Most importantly, the junior years students have fun at school!

They look forward to favorite activities, such as swimming, yoga, art, music therapy, structured group play and interactive Smart Board sessions.

Through their engagement in learning, the students lay the foundations for their future years of education.