STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics.

At Bass Coast Specialist School, our STEAM program includes teaching and learning across the five learning areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, plus the inter-relationships between them.


Our staff have a vast understanding of the different STEAM areas and are highly skilled at providing opportunities for students to form deep connections and relate their learning to their own personal interests. Students enjoy the engaging hands-on lessons that are integrated back to everyday life events.


Throughout Bass Coast Specialist School, we have a variety of different technology items that students are able to engage with and use in their learning.


We have numerous desktop computers and laptops along with iPads, Blue-Bots, Sphero robotics, Ozo-Bots and video recording devices that are used daily throughout the classrooms, specialists and admin staff.


Throughout the school there are always different STEAM activities taking place, including; sewing, woodwork, visual art, coding, creating videos, building and construction, science, excursions and computer programs.