In middle school, students are given the opportunity to participate in a broad range of learning programs and activities.

We aim to support the students to discover and build on their strengths and interests, and to forge positive connections within the school and the community.

Each student in middle school has learning goals tailored specifically to them in their individual learning plans, covering subjects from the Victorian Curriculum.

We utilise the skills, abilities and expertise of classroom teachers, education support staff, specialist teachers, and allied health professionals (speech pathology, occupational therapy and music therapy).

As well as running creative and dynamic programs in literacy and numeracy, middle school offers participation in learning activities such as cooking, yoga, community access, regular excursions, swimming, sailing, gardening, health and sport.

There is a strong emphasis on educating middle school students to communicate, to be kind, to be safe and to be learners; and to develop positive personal and social skills that we hope the students will carry throughout their lives.